The Art of Yin Recovery

The Art of Yin Recovery

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Total Duration: 4:04:04

Videos: 5

My co-host, Yoga Teacher and Sports Recovery Psychologist, Matilda Mayne, and I designed this online course so we can examine and discuss Yin Yoga's special role in recovery from injuries. 

With its combo of video lectures and Yin practices, this course will help you gain a better understanding (and appreciation) of how Yin Yoga optimises your body, and supports both your physical and mental states during recovery. 

The course has been created in two parts:

Part 1: Lectures*

  • Module 1: A one-hour lecture on Yin Yoga's "why, what, and how," and its unique approach to recovery from sports injuries. 
  • Module 2: A one-hour lecture that touches on the psychological sides of performance and Yin Yoga.

Part 2: Videos 

  • Module 1: An in-depth look at the psychology of Yin Yoga and how it relates to the lectures. 
  • Module 2: An upper body-focused Yin Yoga practice that stretches and opens up deep connective tissues. 

Watch the preview to get a feel of what the whole course is like. 

To join us, simply sign up and login, and all lectures and videos will be waiting for you. And the cool thing is, you can start this course anywhere, any day, any month.

*PDF copies are available after your purchase

Part 1 Lecture 1
  • Passive Stretching.pdf